Tips to Have a More Successful Monday


Happy-Monday-PutFor many people, Monday mornings tend to be the most dreaded day of the week because Monday is seen as the killjoy which signifies the end of free-time that we use for sleeping in and activities we enjoy doing. Entrepreneurs see this day of the week as the perfect opportunity to kick-start the week with energy, productivity, and really fuel their passion. Mondays set the tone for the rest of the week so here are some tips to make this day more productive which will transcend into the rest of your week!

  1. Attack the day: Many people start off their Mondays slowly by putting off tasks and allowing themselves to feed into the “Monday story”. Monday stories are the stories we tell ourselves about how dreadful it is going to be. Instead, be all business on Monday morning and attack all of your tasks with tenacity that your counterparts cannot match.
  2. Change Your “Monday Story”: Stop complaining that the weekend is over. No matter how much complaining you do, it will not change the fact that the weekend has ended. Rather than complaining, change your mindset and start being excited about how much closer you can be to your goals by attacking your Monday with a great mindset and work ethic.
  3. Make It Special: Give new meaning to your Mondays! Instead of letting it be the day you dread, do something different this day of the week. For example, you do something nice for people in the office, you could be the person who gives the most compliments to their peers, or you could be the person who comes to the office with extra energy because you went to the gym before work. Whatever you decide to do, make Monday mean more than just the end of your weekend fun.
  4. Re-evaluate your goals Sunday night: By taking some time out on Sunday night to re-evaluate your goals and to-do list for the week, you are giving yourself time to plan ahead and fit in all of the tasks you need to accomplish. Failing to plan ahead leads to stress and frustration if any obstacle threatens to throw off your schedule for the week.

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