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Happy Leap Year!

It only happens once every four years!


Fun Things You Wouldn’t Think of!

I’ve found that every weekend when I make plans with my friends the conversation usually begins with “What do you want to do?”, with a follow up of the dreaded “I don’t know”.  To save you and your friends from this conversation here are a few ideas of fun things to do in the Cherry Hill area!

Elite Rock Climbing

Elite Rock Climbing is located off of Kings Highway in Maple Shade and is open to all experience levels.

Rock Climbing

Sky Zone

Sky zone is the first indoor trampoline park located off of route 73 in Maple Shade.  It’s a fun way to get a good workout with friends!

Sky Zone.jpg


DIY Valentine Ideas for Your Special Someone!

Love Potion Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath

Peppermint Infusion Bags

Peppermint Tea Bags

Wooden Coasters

Wooden Coaster.jpg

Glitter Nailpolish

glitter nailpolish

Sharpie Mugs

sharpie mugs

SoBe Bottles
sobe bottles

Hot Cocoa

hot chocolate starter kit


Who’s ready for Super Bowl 50 on Sunday?! We Are!

broncs v. panthers

Congratulations to Ashley on her promotion!