Monthly Archives: December 2015

8 Tips to Host a Perfect NYE Party


  1. Host it at home. Its more comfortable for both you and your guests
  2. Keep it cozy. Limit the invites and keep it to your close friends
  3. Ask everyone to bring their favorite drink. Reduce costs and gives your guests an exciting new variety of cocktails to pick from.
  4. Accept help. Let someone else bring the noisemakers or hats!
  5. Make a homemade photo booth. Hang a backdrop and have a bin of props.
  6. Do an ice-cream Sunday bar. This can add a fun twist to your party.
  7. Music. Make a CD of the top songs from the past year for background music.
  8. Have Fun!

Toys for Tots Donations


The Invictus Group recently collected toy donations to benefit Toys for Tots, an organization that collects new, unwrapped toys and distributes them to less fortunate children in the community.

The privately owned marketing firm headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey worked together to bring in toys throughout December for all ages.

“The Invictus Group always takes part in different philanthropies like Toys for Tots,” said Lauren Cataldi, Human Resources Director. “It is great to feel like we can make a difference especially during the holiday season.”

Philanthropy has always been a priority for The Invictus Group; therefore, the company continues to show its support for multiple charities. Taking part in meaningful events like these help keep the company culture alive.

12 Tips of Christmas for Job Seekers


  1. Get a professional resume review. Take advantage of the time you may have off and get your resume assessed by a professional
  2. Brush up on your interview skills. There is always room for improvement!
  3. Stay motivated. If you have been out of work for a while, stay active and make a point of sending out resumes.
  4. Stop looking in the same places. Don’t look at the same job boards. Think about new ways to look for career opportunities.
  5. Learn how to network. The more people you know and connect with, the more potential there is for you.
  6. Don’t be the typical job candidate. Offer something unique that separates you from the other candidates.
  7. Evaluate Skills and Abilities. Figure out your strengths and how you can apply them to your desired position.
  8. Use LinkedIn. This is a great resource for job seekers. Make an account during the holidays!
  9. Never stop learning. Volunteer work is always a good idea to get new experience.
  10. Consider relocating. Move to a place with more opportunity and less competition.
  11. Be flexible. Put the employer first in our schedule.
  12. Pay it forward. It is the holiday season! Get in the spirit! This is a great mentality to have not only when looking for a job, but at all times.