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Be Ready for Thanksgiving!



Tip #1: Prepare Early

Get your cleaning out of the way!

Tip #2: Plan Your Menu

Ask everyone to name one food they can’t go without at dinner!

Tip #3: Bake Pies Early

Pies take up time and space in the oven!

Tip #4: Kid’s Activities

Board games and puzzles are always fun!

Tip #5: Send Leftovers Home with Guests

Be prepared with microwaveable food storage containers!

Tip #6: Ask Guests About Food Allergies

Better to be safe than sorry!

Tip #7: Ask For Help

Guests like to give a helping hand!

Tip#8: Plan Drinks for All Ages

Get all the basics along with some surprises for the adults!

Tip #9: Decorate Early

Think about some fall decorations and maybe a new Thanksgiving tablecloth!







Thank you to all those who have served. Today we honor you!