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Another Promotion!! Congratulations to Paul!!!


Great job!!

Job Promotion Alert!! Congratulations to Brandon!!


Great job! Way to set the pace! 

Meet Our Employee of the Week: Jeremy ((aka JC)) !!


His Favorite aspect about working at The Invictus Group: “The morning games as well as the support of my co-workers.”

Fun Fact about Jeremy:  “I am an amature Otaku!”

Where he sees himself in 5 years: “In 5 years I see myself as an Organizational Consultant living in a suburban house I built from scratch and starting a family.”

Favorites: “My favorite food is bacon, my favorite movie is Starship Troopers and my favorite hobby is playing video games!”




Congratulations to Binyao on her Promotion Today!!


Mid-Week Motivation!

Motivational Posters

Meet our Employee of the Week: Spencer !


CONGRATULATIONS on being recognized as a Top Leader at our National Conference in Nashville! 

His Favorite aspect about working at The Invictus Group: “The chance to meet tons of people, see new places, and the opportunity for advancement.”

Fun Fact about Spencer:  “I am a huge Philadelphia sports fan and I love to snowboard!”

Where he sees himself in 5 years: “I see myself owning my own company.”

Favorites: “My favorite food is steak and cheeseburgers (cooked medium rare) my favorite movie is 300 and I enjoy going to the beach in the summer and the mountains in the winter.”