Monthly Archives: April 2015

Job Promotion Alert!! Congratulations Dustin!!


Meet our Employee of the Week: Scott


His Favorite Aspect about working at The Invictus Group: “The work environment & Gary’s socks!”

Fun Fact about Scott:  “I was class President (and soon to be the President of the United States)!”

Where he sees himself in 5 years: “Crushing it with 5 more years experience, but crushing it way harder.”

Favorites: “I love all food, my favorite movie is Pulp Fiction and I enjoy playing the guitar”


Published !!!


Congratulations to Bobbi & Lauren for being published into The Leader!! Very cool!

Happy Admin Professional Day!!


Thank you to Lindsey & Lauren for ALL that you do, you ladies rock!!!

Meet our Employee of the Week: Jess


Her Favorite Aspect about working at The Invictus Group: “Being able to help and coach others!”

Fun Fact about Jess:  “I would not eat beef as a child and now cheeseburgers are my favorite food.”

Where she sees herself in 5 years: “Running my own office in South Carolina with four outside deals!”

Favorites: “My favorite movie is Harry Potter!!”